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All is not lost for Giants even with all the Giants’ losses

It should not come as a surprise to learn that the last 50 World Series winners have a combined .601 winning percentage after the All-Star break and that the average champion has been 15 games over .500 in the second half of the season. These are, after all, great teams. You wouldn’t expect to find a team in October that was lousy in August and September, right?The Giants hope that you would find such a team, because the Giants have been such a team.San Francisco entered Tuesday with a 16-31 record since the Midsummer Cla sic, the worst record in baseball in the second half after having the best record in the majors through the first 90 games. The result has been that a 6.5-game lead over the Dodgers in the National League West has become a four-game deficit.Unlike the Orioles, who are 24-26 since the All-Star break, the Pirates at 21-25, the Marlins at 21-29 or the Mets at 25-25, the Giants can get to the playoffs even if they have a losing record over the final two and a half months. A very strong finish of 19-6 would result in San Francisco having 92 wins, a 35-37 record after the All-Star break and almost certainly a playoff spot.MORE: Best pitcher last names of the past 100 yearsNow, here’s the good news for the Giants: once the playoffs begin, how you got there doesn’t matter. Also, there is precedent for teams winning it all Rollie Fingers Jersey after losing more than half their games following the All-Star break.While the average World Series winner since 1965 has played .601 ball in the second half, that’s just an average. There are two teams who have won the World Series after losing second halves. The 1987 Twins went 36-37 after the break, while the 2006 Cardinals were 35-39. Those teams’ full-season win totals were 85 and Marcus Semien Jersey 83 games, respectively, and they are known as two of the weakest champions that baseball has ever seen.The important part of that, though, is that they are known as champions.MORE: Why Kris Bryant will be the next Derek JeterAs badly as things have gone for the Giants in the second half, a fourth World Series win for San Francisco in seven years remains a po sibility. Two years ago, San Francisco made it as the second wild card and went all the way. What we remember about that year is Madison Bumgarner’s October, not the Giants going 22-30 in June and July. Because when it comes to the playoffs, it’s not how you start or how you finish, but what you do once you get there.