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Pegasys in combination with copegus resulted in a higher svr compared to pegasys alone or interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin table 1 .

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Category X [see CONTRAINDICATIONS ]. Ribavirin produced significant embryocidal and/or teratogenic effects in all animal species in which adequate studies have been conducted. Malformations of the skull.palate.eye.jaw.limbs.skeleton.and gastrointestinal tract were noted. The incidence and severity of teratogenic effects increased with escalation of the drug dose. Survival of fetuses and offspring was reduced [see CONTRAINDICATIONS and WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS ].

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.GENERIC NAME(S). Ribavirin.

Ribavirin can cause birth defects or death in an unborn baby. You may need to have a negative pregnancy test before taking this medicine and every month during order copegus treatment.

Patients should be informed that the effect of PEGASYS/COPEGUS treatment of hepatitis C infection on transmission is not known.and that appropriate precautions to prevent transmission of hepatitis C virus order copegus treatment or in the event of treatment failure should be taken.

The mechanism by which ribavirin contributes to its antiviral efficacy in the clinic is not fully understood. Ribavirin has direct antiviral activity in tissue culture against many RNA viruses. Ribavirin increases the mutation frequency in the genomes of several RNA viruses and ribavirin triphosphate inhibits HCV polymerase in a biochemical reaction.

Pregnancy. Category X. Use With Ribavirin (see CONTRAINDICATIONS) Significant teratogenic and/or embryocidal effects have been demonstrated in all animal species exposed to ribavirin. COPEGUS therapy is contraindicated in women who are pregnant and in the male partners of women who are pregnant .

Talk to your healthcare provider before starting treatment with COPEGUS if you have any of these medical conditions.

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-copegus 200 mg oral tablet should not be administered simultaneously or combined with any other aerosolized medications.